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  • Specialists in Antitrust, Regulation, Business and Labour
  • Leaders in logistics, transport and port regulation
  • Experienced in cross-border and international transactions and litigations
  • Skilled litigators...
  • … and mediators
  • Support in child protection, human rights and family law

The Firm

We work principally in the areas of business regulation and antitrust, company law, commercial law and labour law. We also provide expert support in human rights law, family law and child protection, at national and European levels. The firm is the Global Law Experts Practice Awards winner 2014 and the Corporate Intl Legal Awards winner 2014 and 2015 as Maritime Law Firm of the Year in Italy.

Many of our lawyers have a strong international background and are therefore well equipped to assist Italian firms working in foreign countries as well as international firms operating in Italy. We often work, both at national and international level, in cooperation with the other lawyers, thereby offering a comprehensive range of legal solutions to clients.

We create small teams of lawyers to deal with cases, both in consulting and litigation activities, offering the most efficient permutation of skills and expertises.

Our lawyers began their professional careers in general legal practice before moving on to their areas of specialisation. Such an approach provides them with a solid grounding in broader and often interrelated legal issues. We strongly believe that in the Italian legal environment a lawyer cannot be fully successful in consultancy without a strong litigation background, and viceversa. Accordingly, in the presentation of our services we do not make any distinction between litigation and consultancy services.